Top 5 – 10L Geysers Available Below Rs.8000 – Best Deals on Leading Brands

Taking a bath every morning is a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle. But it becomes the most difficult in the chilly winters. As skipping showers is something we can’t think of, installing the best water geyser in our bathroom seems to be the best solution. 

However, choosing the finest model both in terms of functionality and affordability isn’t an easy task. As a result, we will show you the top 10 litre geysers under 8000. 

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Top 5 10L Geysers Available Below Rs. 8000 

  1. Venus 10L Storage Water Geyser:
  • This ivory-coloured branded model can be availed from Flipkart at INR 6,850 only, along with a company warranty of 2 years.
  • Due to its high storage capacity, it will let you bath satisfactorily while conserving warm water for the next user too.     
  • The model can be fitted the best in large walls due to its vertical build.
  • It is also equipped with a pressure rating >8 bar and Mega plus, making it preferable for buildings with multiple storeys.
  • Lastly, it consumes power up to 2000W, implying high energy efficiency. 
  1. CROMPTON 10L Storage Water Geyser:
  • Heating water is a hassle-free task with this budget-friendly model that can be bought from Flipkart at INR 5,900 only.
  • Being highly efficient in terms of power consumption will ensure to save a substantial amount of your electricity bills. 
  • While the tank is blanketed with nano polymer for better water heating, an in-built thermostat regulates its overall temperature.
  • The storage capacity of 10L can fulfil bathing or washing demands at any time of the day. 
  • This water heater is perfect for large spaces and 7-10 storeyed buildings for its vertical structure and an 8 bar pressure rating. 
  1. V-Guard Divino Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater:
  • This elegant model comes at INR 7,500 only from Amazon. 
  • It will give you pure and hygienic water every time, credits to the multi-layer protection.
  • The inner tank is secured with a vitreous enamel coating and is provisioned with a heating element committed to delivering outstanding performance.
  • This can also be chosen for high-rise buildings as it can tolerate a pressure level of up to 8 bars.
  • Energy efficiency, PUF insulation to retain the heat for the maximum time, in-built mechanisms of thermostat & thermal cut-out for safety from overheating are the other features that make this model worth every penny. 
  1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Water Heater:
  • You can get it from Amazon at INR 6,044 only and enjoy 2 years of product warranty.
  • As far as power consumption is concerned, this Bajaj model takes up 200W only and incurs the minimum electricity costs.
  • A durable inner tank armoured with a special coating to prevent rusting and several safety options to prevent any accident due to overheating, overpressure, etc., makes this model a great buy. 
  • Moreover, the swirl flow technology of the product aids in making its water 20% hotter and an IPX4 waterproof technology ensures its prolonged life. 
  1. Haier 10 L Storage Water Geyser:
  • This model with a compact body and up-to-date features comes at INR 7,100 only from Flipkart.
  • It is specially manufactured to prevent shock accidents due to electricity leakage or connections with the wrong wire.
  • Its tank bears an Ultra Micro Coating of steel that saves it from corrosion.
  • This model stands out among its counterparts in its in-built twin sensors that ensure safety by getting rid of overheating.
  • This model is resistant to splashes and is also known to give long-lasting services, even in humid conditions.

If you have plans to bring the best water geyser home, these 5 models are excellent options that deserve a check out from your side. Be it enhancing the appearance of your bathroom or giving the best outcome, these geysers under 8000 will upgrade your lifestyle like no other. So, wait no longer, and grab one of your choices!

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