8 Ways to Spend Time with Friends Virtually, Beyond Happy Hour

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us spend more time than ever before connecting virtually with friends and loved ones. While zoom happy hour, Netflix watch parties, and virtual escape rooms have become commonplace there are endless other ways to spend time with friends online.

Here are eight ideas to get you started:

Virtual Room

1. Catch up on news and current events together. 

 It will be easy to feel isolated when you are stuck at home, but discussing the latest news with friends can help you feel connected to the outside world. In today’s hectic world, it can be easy to lose touch with what’s happening in the world around us. Between work, family, and social obligations, it’s often hard to find the time to keep up with current events. 

However, it’s essential to stay informed about the world we live in. One way to do this is to catch up on news and current events with friends. Spending quality time with friends is a great way to relax and have fun, but it can also be a valuable opportunity to learn about what’s going on in the world. 

By discussing newsworthy topics, we can better understand the problems that are important to us and know more about the people we care about. So next time you get together with friends, take a few minutes to catch up on the latest news. It’s a great way to stay attached and friendly to the world around you.  

2. Play online games together.  

From chess to a Virtual escape room with Friends, there are a lot of ways to stay entertained while spending time with friends online. When it comes to online gaming, there are many options out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something casual or competitive, there’s a game for you. However, one of the best things about online gaming is that it provides an opportunity to spend time with friends. Finding ways to connect and hang out can be challenging if you live far away from your friends. 

However, you can create meaningful bonding experiences by playing online games together without even having to leave your house. You can catch up on each other’s lives while working together to achieve common goals. So next time you’re looking for a way to connect with friends, consider firing up an online game together. You might just have some fun in the process.  

3. Take an online fitness class together.  

Exercising with friends is always more fun, whether doing a yoga session or a HIIT workout. Working out is often seen as a solitary activity, but it can be a very good way to spend time with friends. Taking an online fitness class together is a fun and challenging way to stay in shape while bonding with friends. 

You can motivate and encourage each other to push yourselves, and the virtual format allows you to take the class from anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a high-intensity workout or a relaxing yoga session, an online fitness class is perfect for you and your friends. So gather up your squad and get ready to break a sweat!  

4. Plan a virtual dinner party

Miss going out to restaurants? Have friends over for a virtual dinner party instead. You can cook the same meal and eat it together over video chat. What could be more fun than gathering friends for a virtual dinner party? 

Even though you can’t be in the same room, you can still enjoy each other’s company and spend time catching up. You never have to worry about cooking or cleaning up afterward! Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect virtual dinner party:   

  • Choose a theme. Whether it’s your favorite cuisine, a movie you love, or just a festive holiday gathering, setting a theme will help make the event more memorable.  
  • Send out invitations. Let your friends know when and where the party will take place, and give them a chance to RSVP.  
  • Set the table. Put on your best clothes and set the table just like you would if your friends came over. Light some candles, play some music and ensure you have all the silverware and glassware you need.  
  • Prepare the food. If you’re ambitious, you can cook a special meal for the occasion. Otherwise, order a takeaway or prepare something simple ahead of time.  
  • Enjoy! Once everyone is logged in and ready to go, sit back and enjoy your virtual dinner party!  

5. Go on a virtual shopping spree.  

Missing browsing through your favorite stores? Get your friends together for a virtual shopping spree. You can window shop online, share your wishlists, and perhaps even find great deals!  

6. Organize a digital book club.  

If you love reading, start a book club with friends and discuss what you’re reading weekly over video chat or email. Spending time with friends is always enjoyable, but finding the time to get together can be challenging. If you’re searching for a way to connect with friends without leaving the house, why not start a digital book club? It’s easy to start, and you can do it entirely on your schedule. 

First, invite friends to join the group and choose a book everyone will read. Then, set up a time for everyone to meet online to discuss the book. You can use a video chat service like Skype, Zoom, or even a simple conference call. Finally, set aside some time each week to chat about what you’re reading. A digital book club is the best way to stay connected with friends while also getting some reading done. 

7. Host a movie night. 

Movie nights are always better with friends! Pop some popcorn, pour some drinks, and settle in for a movie marathon with your besties  

8. Do a digital scavenger hunt.  

Scavenger hunts are usually done in person, but you can easily do one online too! Create a list of items for your friends to find, set a time limit, and see who can find the most items within the allotted period. 


These are just a few ideas to start with; the endless possibilities for spending time with friends online! So go ahead and get creative – your social life doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re stuck at home. 

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