9 Neighborhood of New York City

With a population of nearly 8 million, New York is a great place to settle in or simply just explore. With a total land area spanning nearly 800 square kilometers approx. New York City has a lot of neighborhoods on-site some absolutely posh, some quaint while some remain gritty. 

Most neighborhoods remain conveniently accessible via bikes and foot and are also the best way to catch a proper feel of the much-frequented and beloved neighborhoods. So, if you wish to explore some of the neighborhoods in New York City then choose Delta Airlines Booking for your journey. There are many places in New York City where locals reside and hang out you can also visit. 

Here Are Some of New York City’s Neighbourhoods You Have to Visit 

New york city neightborhood

1. Chelsea

Located in the west-side of downtown Manhattan, what was once an industrial hub now hosts some of the most culturally rich spots in New York these days. A swanky neighborhood in close proximity with popular attractions like the High Line and the chic meatpacking district it is no wonder why people flock here a lot and often.

Chelsea also includes some of the best LGBTQ+ hubs like Julius, Cubbyhole, and Big Gay Ice Cream. The place here also has cultural importance in the form of the 1969 riots that originated at Stonewall Inn that kick-started the Gay Rights Movement then.

2. Greenwich Village

Bleecker Street embodies the spirit of trendy shopping, iconic nightlife and great dining making it one of New York’s most loved and iconic neighborhoods. The architecture and hidden alleyways are great spots to explore and the Greek Revival townhouses are an absolute treat. 

Best explored on foot, grab your shades and head to one of the many quaint coffee shops and bakeries here. Also, Halloween Parade and the Gay Pride Parade are great experiences if you find yourself here during those times of the year. 

3. Soho

A popular haunt for artists back in the 1960s and 1970s is now one of the most fashion-forward and chic spots in New York. Filled with famous brand name stores and tasteful boutiques down Broadway Street, Soho attracts a mix of global elites and in the know locals. 

4. Upper East Side

Often referred to as the “Gold Coast” owing to the population of wealthy men and women here, Upper East Side flexes Haute Manhattan culture like no other. The neighborhood consists of smaller localities like Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill and Yorkville which extend from 96th Street to 59th Street. 

Upper East Side exudes an air of sophistication with its mix of Michelin star restaurants, burger joints, swanky sports bars and hi-fi cocktail bars. 

5. Tribeca

Tribeca, short for “Triangle Below Canal” once wore a deserted look with only a warehouse in sight but has now turned into one of the liveliest and hip neighborhoods of New York. Closely resembling Soho, Tribeca has some notable shopping and fashion spots now and is also home to the Tribeca Film Festival and also hosted the New York Fashion Week.  

6. Harlem

Located between 110th to 155th Street, Harlem is probably one of the richest neighborhoods in NYC when it comes to culture. During the renaissance phase back during the early 20th century, Harlem became the epicenter of Black culture. And experienced an important reinvention of music, art, dance and literature.

7. Chinatown

One of the largest Chinatowns in the US, New York’s Chinatown feels like immersing yourself in a whole different country. It is one of the most affordable neighborhoods but can get crowded and noisy considering the many street markets and late-night bars. 

Unbeatable when it comes to choices for authentic Asian cuisine like dim sums, pho, hand-pulled noodles and roast duck. 

8. Lower East Side

An area that has been historically populated by immigrants LES has a lot of backstories and the Tenement Museum pays homage to those who lived here and made New York into what it is today. Once an eerie neighborhood, now due to its popularity has become a lot safer and accessible for all. You also want to explore all these places book your ticket with Caribbean Airlines en Español and enjoy your trip.

9. Hell’s Kitchen

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is also situated here and if you head here during the colder season, visitors can also hit Bryant Park that houses one of the best and biggest Ice Skating Rink in New York, during the summer you can also head here to watch free screenings of movies.

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