Here is the Breakdown of Today’s Most Common Refrigerator Styles

Are you planning to buy a new refrigerator?

If so, you’ll have a hard decision to make between the many available designs and options. It is a challenge to choose between the various styles and options.

The Indian refrigeration market is classified into several categories, according to defrosting, door design, technological efficiency and energy consumption, and the list. But one major factor that determines purchase is the design of the door.

Here are some of the most sought-after refrigerator designs and their distinct characteristics:

  1. Single Door Refrigerator

If you don’t require an enormous freezer but want to cut costs on the purchase and work towards decreasing your monthly energy bills, This could be the perfect option for you. The model has a freezer compartment, but there’s only one door for the refrigerator that is not split.

The Godrej 190L Direct Cool single door Refrigerator 5 Star is equipped with Intelligent Inverter Technology and can adjust its functions with the help of the adjustable speed compressor. This results in quiet operation and higher efficiency, resulting in energy savings of up to 55 per cent.

Suppose you’re looking for the most striking features at a low cost in your single-door refrigerator, and you are looking for a single door refrigerator. In that case, Godrej Direct Cool 185L 1 Door Refrigerator for INR 11490 includes an MP3 player and two speakers with a power of 80W with 6 equalizer settings to ensure that your cooking experience is more enjoyable. It also comes with Godrej’s stay Cool Technology, the Humidity Control feature, and an Aroma Lock function.

  1. Double Door Top Freezer Refrigerator

This model houses the freezer located on the top and a separate door, and it is among the most popular models found in Indian kitchens of today. If you’re always looking for your freezer, the high-end refrigerator with a top freezer is a good option since you don’t need to bend over often to access what you require. 

If storage is your top priority, you should consider Godrej 343L Frost Free Double Door 2 Star Refrigerator is an ideal combination of large shelves, a unique fruit tray and a big bottle shelf to ensure you have plenty of room to store your favourite foods and drinks.

The thick insulation to retain calm and an anti-bacterial gasket to ensure that your food is fresh and cooling shower technology that will not let you down.

  1. Double Door Bottom Freezer

The lower freezer is ideal for families who utilize the refrigerator compartment more frequently than the freezer. You will likely bend much less as the fridge is situated right at eye level, making it easier to reach.

Godrej the 430L 3 Star NXW is a three-star frost-free refrigerator featuring an integrated bottom-mounted freezer with advanced inverter technology. The other notable features are the large vegetable tray and the Turbo Chill Mode, Air Lock Technology and anti-bacterial shelves made of toughened glass, removal basket, and LED lighting for the tower. 

It includes a specially designed tray for fruits and an additional tray for vegetables to aid in the organization of your vegetables and fruits and ensure they are fresh. It is also completely free from HFC, CFC, and HCFC, making it eco-friendly.

  1. Side by Side Refrigerator

The refrigerators are gaining in popularity because their split design allows you to access items from both the refrigerator and freezer simultaneously; however, they cost more than the other models reviewed previously. This model can be adapted to the demands of larger families without taking up too much space.

Its Godrej 603 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator(RS EON) is equipped with enormous storage capacity and other features such as ice-makers, energy-efficient inverter technology, and digital displays and controls to provide maximum ease of use. With a stainless-steel finish, this model is stylish and modern.

  1. French door Refrigerator

These top-quality appliances combine the best of two worlds, i.e. Bottom Freezer and Side-by-side doors. Although they are equipped with top-of-the-line technological innovations and features, they are much more costly and do not favour the price-conscious buyer.

To conclude:

Each refrigerator model offers a certain level of comfort with pros and cons. But, the model you choose will be determined by the capacity of the food storage and the space you have available.

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