Increase Curb Appeal And Save Money With A Drought Tolerant Landscape

Smart homeowners understand that any small change significantly impacts the value of their property. Some of the most beneficial adjustments to enhance curb appeal regard landscaping. Improving your landscaping is among the best investments to consider for your property. This is true in Elk Grove where a drought-tolerant landscape is the best solution. 

It lessens water while making your landscape beautiful with vegetation. Whether you want your property to stand out in the neighborhood or planning to sell it, a drought-tolerant landscape is a solution. Read on to discover why. 

Money-saving benefits of a drought-resistant landscape 

drought-resistant landscape

1. Saving water

A drought-resistant landscape is a wonderful solution to save on water use in Elk Grove. For owners of rental property, a lot of money goes into maintaining the lawns. Fortunately, a drought-resistant landscape design will keep your lawns looking beautiful and healthy. But without having to spend a lot on the water bill every month. 

Another saving from a drought-resistant landscape apart from keeping money in your pocket is protecting the environment. Water conservation is a great way to encourage green living and to attract eco-friendly renters or property buyers. Additionally, you’ll save on monthly water bills while protecting Mother Nature. This is enough inspiration to consider drought-resistant landscaping in Elk Grove

2. Saving on lawn mowing

In the warmest months of the year, property owners spend a lot of money or time on lawn care. When doing it yourself, it is likely to be like a full-time job. If you hire a lawn mowing service, your spending obviously increases. This is because mowing the grass is required at least after every two weeks.

With a drought-resistant landscape design, there’s no need to buy a lawnmower or to hire someone to do it for you. Options like artificial grass will give your front yard a nice-looking cover. But without the need to budget for mowing, mulching regularly, aerating, or adding fertilizers. A drought-resistant landscape will give your yard a beautiful look with limited maintenance. 

3. Avoid a sprinkler system

A sprinkler system is for property owners to supply water to their lawns. The sprinkler also cools and controls airborne dust. You need the water sprinkler if you have a regular landscape. Using a sprinkler with a regular 5/8″ hose for an hour, you’re likely to spend around 1,020 water gallons. 

If you use the sprinkler three times weekly, it is about 12,240 water gallons every month. You’re likely to end up spending a lot if you add the cost of running the sprinkler to the initial cost of buying the system. Fortunately, a drought-resistant landscape will save you from such costs. Without the need for watering, you won’t need the expensive sprinkler system and the high cost of using it. 

How a drought-resistant landscape enhances curb appeal 

1. Larger and beautiful landscape 

With a drought-resistant landscape, your property will look seemingly larger and more beautiful. The edges of the lawn tend to seemingly melt away instead of butting up to create boundaries. Keep in mind that you can have plants that spread in a drought-resistant design. 

This allows your landscape to blend naturally with native plants that already existed around your home. Additionally, adding retaining walls, tiny fountains and ponds create greater depth on your property. With this, your landscape looks more beautiful with more curb appeal. 

2. Attracts renters

When having a rental property, having a lush and large landscape is one of the secrets to attracting quality tenants. This is true since everyone is looking to live in a beautiful place. A drought-resistant landscape on your property gives it all-year-round beauty. 

This gives renters a good reason to desire to rent your property. So, your rental property will always be booked throughout the year to give you a good return on your investment in a drought-resistant landscape. 

3. Selling your property faster

Apart from appealing to premium renters, a property with a beautiful landscape is likely to attract buyers faster. When you list your property with a drought-resistant garden, it will attract buyers faster, especially those who love eco-friendly living. With your property attracting a lot of offers, you have a chance to demand a good price for your property. 

4. Stress-free maintenance 

With a drought-resistant landscape, there’s no need to worry when rain takes a long time to come. Regardless of the weather, your landscape will always remain looking beautiful. Including drought-resistant plants and hardscapes means that maintaining your landscape won’t depend on the amount of rain. 

A drought-resistant landscape is ideal when planning to sell your property, attract renters, or save on maintenance costs. You will have a beautiful garden throughout the year without worrying about rain, mowing, or using the expensive sprinkler. 

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