Enhance Your Child’s Height With These Yogas Poses And Practices

When it comes to enhancing height in children, they have to follow a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy food products and exercising to grow taller. Studies have provided evidence that an excellent height will not provide children with physical benefits, but it’s also connected to a higher IQ along with a positive outlook towards life. 

A human being’s height depends heavily on non-genetic and genetic factors, such as nutrition and environmental conditions. But you can also make your children practice yoga to enhance their height. Boosting your child’s height through several yoga poses is just like using a health card to pay for all your medical bills easily and effectively. 

Types Of Yoga To Increase Height


As a parent, when you are looking for an effective way to boost your child’s height, yoga is the ultimate solution. Yoga is ideal for both adults and children, and people should do yoga every day. Here are some of the best yoga to increase height in children. 

  • Tadasana or Samasthithi

To do this yoga, you must stand tall and keep your heels and toes together. Engage the abdominal muscles and keep the shoulders relaxed. Try to stay in that position for at least 5 to 8 breaths while you properly manage the body on both of your feet. This type of asana is an excellent way to keep your posture strong and tall. 

  • Virkshasana

Stand up, lift the right leg, and then bring the foot to the left inner thigh. After that, you must balance the bodyweight on the left leg and keep your right close to the pelvis. You can hold on to the foot with your palm for proper balance. Join the palms and hold the “pranam mudra” right to your heart chakra. Keep your gaze forward and repeat the same pose with the other leg.

  • Padahasthasana 

For this yoga to increase height, you have to begin with the Samathithi pose and bend the upper part of your body from your hips. Make sure to do it slowly while exhaling. Reach your fingertips or palms down and then touch the nose to your knees. 

You can place your palms on either side of your feet. You are also allowed to bend the knees initially. When you keep practising this pose, you can straighten the knees and bring the chest to the thighs. 

  • Chakrasana

Lie down on your back, fold the legs, and then firmly place the feet on the floor. Rotate the arms at the shoulders and place the palms on the floor. Your palms should be placed on either side, right beside your head. You have to inhale and then lift your whole body to create an arch. Make sure to relax both your neck and head.

  • Dhanurasana

To do this yoga, you need to lie on your belly and then bend the knees to hold onto the ankles with the palms of your hand. Make sure that the grip is strong. After that, lift the arms and legs as high as possible. Look up straight and try to hold the posture for some time. This particular yoga pose is meant to strengthen the spine and back. When you work on the spine, it will improve your posture. Good posture can make you look taller.

  • Ujjayi Pranayama 

This yoga is also known as victorious breath. Breathing the correct way will send vibrations directly to a concerned gland and will surely bring in a lot of positive changes to your physical environment. To do is pose, you have to look for a lying or comfortable sitting position. After that, you need to make sure that you are properly breathing out and in through the nose. While breathing, you must keep your mouth closed. The exhalations and inhalations should be deep and long. 


Yoga practices will not keep your health in good condition, but it’s also ideal for children as it can help enhance their height, just like how a health card can shower you with many benefits, yoga poses and practices and do the same for you and your child. It will clear away all the toxins from the digestive system and increase blood circulation. If you want to enhance your child’s height, the yoga poses mentioned in this guest post are the best option. Each of them is unique, and it will help your children/child grow a few inches taller. 

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