Getting The Best Settlement Out Of Your Scars and Disfigurements after a Car Accident

Car accidents will, in most cases, result in devastating injuries that lead to scars and disfigurements. It is important to treat the injuries immediately and properly. When not treated well, they can lead to severe long-term complications.

You may have a claim if you have suffered from scars and disfigurements due to someone’s negligence.

Type of Scars Caused by car Accidents 

Scars refer to damaged skin that tries to heal after an injury. They comprise fibrous tissues trying to cover the wound. If you have suffered from injuries that led to scars or disfigurements, your first step would be to seek medical help. The next best step would be looking for a car accident injury lawyer to guide you on the legal steps.

Scars mostly lead to disfigurements. Although most of the scars will fade or become paler after some time, some scars never disappear without cosmetics. Some of the scars you may suffer from include:

  • Keloids: Refers to raised scars that are caused by scar tissue overgrowing. Keloids will, in most cases, appear in injuries suffered on the chest, ear lobes, cheeks, and shoulder. In most cases, Keloids will tend to be larger than the original wound and will always appear a few weeks or months after the accident. 
  • Contracture scars: These result from burned skin after the thickening and tightening of the new skin. Contracture scars can hinder movement due to the discomfort and even pain after the car accident. 

Types of Disfigurement Injuries Caused by Car Accidents 

Type of Scars Caused by car Accidents

Although scars are in most cases considered to be cosmetic issues, disfigurements tend to be more serious. Below are some of the common disfigurements. 

  • Dislocated nose 
  • Dental and jaw injuries 
  • Broken facial bones 

The affected person will, in most cases undergo reconstructive or plastic surgery. Revision surgery in scars will always work well with superficial scars that are thick and discolored. Again, the use of laser technology can help in addressing the issues. All this costs money. If the accident was caused by negligence, you should contend for your justice.

In case of deeper and more disfiguring injuries where facial architecture is greatly affected, the surgeon can recommend extensive facial restoration that involves scar removal and rearrangement of tissue procedures to help rebalance the facial appearance. 

Advanced techniques in facial reconstructive surgery entail computer imaging that helps create a new facial framework in replacing damaged facial bones. Any blemish that remains after a scar revision surgery can always be concealed using different makeup techniques. 

Depending on the nature of the injury, the procedures can help to either solve the problem completely or offer relief to disfigurement. 

High Cost of Scars and Disfigurement Injuries

Since most people will always notice the face first, treating facial scars and injuries is of great priority after a car accident. 

The average cost of performing a single laser treatment ranges from$389 per session. When laser treatment is due to cosmetic reasons, there is a high chance medical insurance will not cater for the cost and will instead depend on a car insurance policy. 

And if the scar is considered debilitating, chances are that the health insurance will cater for some portion of the entire cost of treatment. 

Facial injury operation costs are much higher and determined by the injury type. Apart from the dislocated nose, most facial injuries range from five to six-figure, especially when it comes to dental, eye, or reconstructive surgery. 

According to research findings in the International Wound Journal, 15% of scars and disfigurements are related to traffic accidents. There is always a toll on the life quality, apart from the medical costs. Most motorists disfigured in an accident will suffer from psychological pain, trauma, or depression caused by life-changing implications. 

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Getting The Best Settlement For Your Scars And Disfigurements

In case you believe someone might be responsible for the car accident that led to your scars and disfiguring, you need to get in touch with a professional car accident lawyer. The reason is, every case is different.

The settlement value of a scar on an 18 years old lady is different from the same scar on an 80 years old woman. Also, settlement depends on the permanency of your scar, the location, and how well you can explain the effect of the scar on your daily life.

If you want to understand the value of your scars and disfigurements, talk to a lawyer.

Note that you have to document your scar. Review your medical records to ensure that your doctor has indicated the severity of the scar and disfigurements, such as whether the scars affect your mobility or not.

Experienced lawyers have a way of getting an estimate on such injuries. They compared your case with similar claims they have handled in particular jurisdictions.

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