Benefits of Travelling Solo in India

Have you ever considered travelling alone at least once in a lifetime? If you haven’t, then just think about it now. The power and pleasure to travel footloose and fancy-free have their sense of freedom and adventure. You’ll learn to trust yourself rather than others. You’ll discover how to occupy yourself while being connected. You’ll learn to pay attention to the world around you and appreciate the simple things. We at Travolook will not only help you to see the plus side of Travelling solo within the country but also book cheap flight tickets to a choice of your destination.

Benefits of Travelling Solo in India

Know Yourself Better

You will become more aware of your life’s mission as you spend hours alone in solitude in rejuvenating locations. It’s the ideal time to be reflective and reflect on essential aspects of your life that you would otherwise not have time to consider in your busy day-to-day existence. Travelling alone allows you to let your inner kid wander and explore freely, as well as give yourself ample chance to reflect on your Innermost emotions and thoughts above anyone or anything else. You can process each event better since you are not distracted by day-to-day responsibilities. There is a greater sense of peace and contentment of mind, as well as fewer limits on following your heart. You’ll have a deeper sense of appreciation for the natural world around you, as well to hone your most valuable talent whether it is at being a good writer, painter, poet, or just a photographer. 

Confidence Booster

Travelling can be a great confidence booster. Places that you thought you will never be able to cover on your own, or arrangements you never thought you would be able to make on your own when you find yourself managing it all by yourself, give a great feeling of self-sufficiency and pride. 

Overcoming your fears and obstacles helps you to become more self-reliant. Coming across challenging situations whether it is to go around exploring the mountains, the rivers, the waterfalls or just the town gives you great confidence. Whatever problems that you may face regarding accommodation, routes, transport – you learn to take your own decisions and handle it either by yourself or with the help of locals and guide. The ‘Bring it on’ helps you get smarter and self-reliant.

Reach Out to People

When you are on your own you have more time to spend with the locals or hobnob with fellow travellers who could be travelling alone just like you or families that could be willing enough to help out a single traveller. With plenty of time on hand and no one with you, you can connect more with other people and end up exchanging notes and anecdotes. Whether you are asking for directions or asking about the best places to visit in and around the town, you get to reach out to people and forge new associations.  For extroverts, it can be enriching to connect with locals and share interesting stories and for introverts, it can be a chance of warming up a bit.

Make Your Route

While travelling with others, one has to keep everyone’s comfort and preferences in mind. You will have to compromise on many fronts when everyone else has different choices. However, the advantage of travelling alone is that you are your boss. You can start your day as per your comfort level and also skip going to places that don’t interest you and make your routes for places to visit as per your liking. You don’t remain bound by time and neither do you have to wind up early for the sake of aged members or children in the family. When you can travel as per your comfort with as many halts as you wish, you will feel less tired and more energised. You will end up enjoying more going to places that are on your bucket list rather than adjusting with everyone else’s time frame.

More Economical

It’s quite obvious that travelling alone can be more liberating in terms of finances. The expenditure on a single person is much less than a family which allows you to have a bigger pocket to spend on yourself. When you travel on your own you have more leverage to decide where you would like to spend your money and if you would like to indulge in other activities – whether to spend on adventure sports or go boating on a distant island. When you travel alone, you have the freedom to pick the extra things you wish to do and to arrange your trip in a manner that is most beneficial to you. On the whole, the expense on a single person turns out to be much lesser than travelling with a family.


There are so many places to visit in India on the first solo vacation that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Solo travel is a journey of self-discovery, internal growth, and adventure. Travelling alone is good for your health, mind, and spirit whether you want to get away from the masses or experience new things. ‘Book cheap flight tickets’ from Travolook to any destination within India that you would like to choose for a solo trip.

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