6 Top Drinks If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires full precautions, including what you eat and what you drink. A general physician says that an excessive amount of carbohydrates can be dangerous for your health and may lead to affecting the blood sugar levels in your body.

To avoid the spike in blood sugar levels, you should count the calories and what amount of carbohydrates there are in your food or drinks.

Being a human, you cannot avoid the foods and drinks that boost up your energy but having diabetes means that you need to follow some restrictive dieting plan.

But you can enjoy some of the best drinks if you have diabetes. How?

Well, we have come with the best drinks that you can have while having diabetes.

Best Beverages for Diabetics Patient


To quench your thirst, zero or low-calorie drinks are often suggested for diabetics. You can enjoy some different refreshing drinks, such as squeeze a lemon as it will be an amazing drink with low calories. Moderation low sugar options can suit you a lot. Here is the list of the drinks you should go for.

1. Start with water

Hydration is the most concern you should not avoid. To avoid dehydration, you should consider water as it does not let you dehydrate. Experts say that dehydration can cause many health conditions. Drinking plenty of water also removes the excess glucose levels through urination.

2. Tea

Green tea has many health benefits and leaves positive effects on your overall health. People with a family diabetes history should drink green tea as it lowers the chances of type 2 diabetes. Add refreshing taste into your tea to make it more beneficial for you.

3. Unsweetened Coffee

Green tea and coffee have the same effect that it reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. How does it happen? It happens when you drink coffee, it boosts the sugar metabolism and results in preventing high blood sugar level spikes.

Cream or sugar addiction can affect your blood sugar levels. It means that you need to go with unsweetened coffee for low-calorie intake.

4. Low-fat milk

There are minerals and vitamins in milk but do you know that it also contains carbohydrates? Make sure that you choose unsweetened moderate milk that will not result in high blood sugar levels.

5. Try green smoothies

Well, not everyone likes green smoothies but it is the best way to squeeze extra fiber and nutrients. It also keeps you hydrated while meeting your other needs, it means nutrients and minerals.

You should try green veggies, such as celery, spinach, and kale to make a smoothie. Experts say that diabetics should do a little research about the carbohydrates contained in fruits before making any smoothie.

6. Kombucha

Fermented beverage which is made from green and black tea is known as kombucha. You can say that it is a good source of probiotics and is an important thing for your gut health. It is also a good beverage for people with type 2 diabetes.

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What Drinks Do You Need To Avoid?

  • Avoid Intake Of Energy Drinks: there are too many carbohydrates and caffeine in energy drinks. Normally, these drinks result in high blood sugar levels which is an alarming situation for diabetics.
  • Say No to Soda: when it comes to diabetes, soda is a trigger for high blood sugar levels. It is not only bad for diabetics but also increases weight and results in tooth decay.
  • Do Not Consume Fruit Juice Without Moderation: diabetics should avoid the intake of the hundred percent fruit juice as it can cause more damage. Fruit juices contain vitamin C plus carbohydrates which can lead to weight gain. It will also result in high blood sugar levels.

Final Thought

Keep your drink simple. Always drink water and choose unsweetened beverages, like tea are good options for diabetics. You can add citrus fruit and fragrant herbs to add sweetness.

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